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Save Life::Save Nature
A Mandatory To Follow by All
HIV/AIDS will kill human beings more than the death of World War I & II and Black Death (1/3rd population of the world died of Plague) taken together but prevention is better than cure. A mandatory step before all marriage should never be dowry but HIV Test, Sugar Test etc than anything else.(Published in the interest of the State, The Nation and The World)
Our Coaching & Guidance Cells(CGC), Knowledge Resource Cells (KRC) & Counseling Cells(CC) are:
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Board of Madrasa Education Society & Madrasa of all states except UP/MP/CG/Delhi(1-101).
Counseling Cell::John Complex, Readspet(109-111).
Counseling Cell::Punjab, Harkrishna Institute, Pakho Kalan, Barnala (118-140).
Counseling Cell::Kashmir, Children & Women Welfare Society, Budgam, JK (141-149)..
Coaching & Guidance Cell.
Coaching & Guidance Cell:: Tamil Nadu (National Coordinator), Open School, Chennei(112-117).
Counseling Cell::JB Singaravel, Edisons Institute of Higher Studies, Britannia, Padi.
Counseling Cell::TR Kavitha, J J S K Open School,  Mannargudi.
Counseling Cell::P Suresh Kumar P, Suresh Open School, Dharmapuri.
Counseling Cell::C.Vanitha , Annamalai Open School, Salem.
Counseling Cell::A. Gopikannan of Agniprava Open School, Madipakkam.
Counseling Cell::Vesta Open School, Vesta Educational & Charitable Trust, Puddukotti.
Counseling Cell::Boston Open School, Madurai.
Counseling Cell::N Mohamed Nawaz, Moder Open School.
Counseling Cell::Stella Rani Open School, Seetharam Nagar.
Counseling Cell::Lakshmi Open School, Villupuram-DT.
Counseling Cell::Sri Vijaya L Open School, Rata Manssion Building, Arcot.
Counseling Cell::Venus Net Open School, Railway Feeder Road, Rajapakayam.
Counseling Cell::GPC Open School, Tamilnadu.
Counseling Cell::RETC Open School, Kayamkulam.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Calcutta, Bansdroni Rabindra Educational & Welfare Trust(180).
Knowledge Resource Cell::Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Education&Charitable Welfare Society, Shahabaz Colony, Karnataka.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Pondichery, Divine Edu Trust, Pondichery(183).
Knowledge Resource Cell::JN Education & Welfare Trust, Sharan, Nagar, Aland, Banglore(157).
Knowledge Resource Cell::AVNM Trust, Anna Nagar, Batiagundu, Dindigul(182).
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Kharagpur (State Coordinator): EIHS Educational Consultant, Jafala Road, Inda(185).
Counseling Cell::Mango, Jagdish Educational Trust, Bagan Area, Dimna Road, JH.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Puthuval, Grace Open School, Puthuval, Plamoottukada, Trivandrum.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Avalur (State Coordinator), Hafsa Open College,  Avalur Pet(186-89).
Knowledge Resource Cell::Annai Saraswathi Educational & Research Trust.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Wecare Academy, Salem.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Jayam Open School, Market Road.
Knowledge Resource Cell::SRI Arunai Educational Trust. 
Knowledge Resource Cell::Pooja Ashri Correspondence College, Mathalankulam Street, Tiruvannamalai. 
Knowledge Resource Cell::Agniprava Open School, Madipakkam, Madras(200). 
Knowledge Resource Cell::T.S. College of Tahera Sttar Educational Society,Ramnagar(201).
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Noble Educational Academy, Karnatka.
Coaching & Guidance Cell:: Venad Arts&Tech College(Dy Director), Pulamon, VV Arcade.
Coaching & Guidance Cell:: Assam-Meghalya (Dy Director), SSEC, Janakalyan High School, Dhubri.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Madrasa Jogidih (National Coordinator2.
Knowledge Resource Cell:: Park Open School, Dharmapuri.
Knowledge Resource Cell::G.Stalin, Dharmapuri.
Knowledge Resource Cell:: Competitive Edge Open Schooling.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Kerala (State Coordinator), SR Com College, Court Road(191-199).
Knowledge Resource Cell::Ramesh K, Calicut, Kerala.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Satheesh R, MIMS Marhaba Building, Ottapalam,Plakkad.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Vinod TK, KIMS, Pollachi.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Aiswaria KG,SRC College, Archana Business Centre,SRE Trust.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Suresh BK, SR CC, Mangalore.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Unnikrishnan V, Sree Vinayaka Education.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Vinod V, Sree Institute of Technology, Ernakulum.
Knowledge Resource Cell:: Baron College IT, Malabar Complex, Thrissur, Kerala.
Knowledge Resource Cell::G.Stalin, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Al-Gaze Trust, Kalpakanchery, Malappuram.
Knowledge Resource Cell::Cossimbazar Raj, BS Educational Society, Banjetia, Murshidabad.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Dy. Director, Grace Open School of Grace Education Trust, Trivandrum.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Shantiniketan, BIHM, Shantiniketan, Bolpur, Birbhum.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Telangana (State Coordinator), PV High School, Railway Station Road, Medchal, Telangana. PDIMT, Balugoun, Odisha, State Coordinator for Odisha State.
Coaching & Guidance Cell::Vellore (Deputy Director), Vellore Institute of Bismi Educational Trust, Tolagate. Triple State Service.
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This noble work is dedicated to the real service in alleviation of pain of the world by:

All the honest and dedicated scientists/ ministers/ secretaries/ academicians /administrators/ entrepreneurs/ bureaucrats of India/world of past and present equally,

Azad Hind Fauj, All Freedom Fighters (known/unknown), Qurbaan Ali(exiled for life to Kalapani punishment by C.G.Atkin), Dr BR Ambedkar, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, MK Gandhi, Namak Satya Gareh of Garhpura, Babur/ Akbar/Ashoka/Chanakya/Aryabhat, President of India (Dr Rajendra Prasad, Fakhruddin A Ahmed, RV Raman, Dr Zakir Husain, APJ Abdul Kalam), Maulana Wali Rahmani, Dr M Rahman (Ex-VC AMU, IAS), Mother Teressa, Sarojini Naidu, A B Vajpayee, Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Allama Iqbal, BC Chaterji, Maharana Pratap, Kaader Khan, CV Raman, AR Rahman, Javed Akhtar, Barrack Obama, Azim Premji, MGR, Jamshedji Tata, Mohd Yunus (Gramin Bank), the first CM of Bihar Mohammad Yunus, Ali Vardi Khan, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Prof Noorul Hasan (Education Minister), A A Fatmi (Ex-MoS, MHRD), Md Hanif Uddin (Madrasa Hanifia), Abdul Hameed, Bill Gates, Thomas Babington Macaulay (Jumrati & Sanichra for salary of teachers in Indian System of Education evolved), the first patriotic leader against British imperialism, Bahadur Shah Zafar, caretaker of Akbar in Mithila- Darbhanga Raj of MP; 
Teachings and guidance of Guru Nanak, Gautam Bodh, Bhavishya Puran (Verse 5) & Sama Veda (II, 6, 8), Mosses, Jesus Christ, Ibrahim, Arabian Culture & Civilization, Hazrat Deewan Mohd Saadiq Ashraf (Rah), Shah Nasrullah (Reh), Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (Reh), Khwaja Salim Chisti (Reh), Maulana Husain A Madni (Reh), Hazrat Nizamuddin(Reh), K Bandanawaz (Reh) and the great contribution of Royal Charter/Farman-E-Shahi of Akbar (Az-Gung-Ta-Sang-Az-Kosi-Ta-Dhosi) for Choudhry Hafiz Ali(Royal Teacher) and Choudhry Farid (Commander) of Jounpur. 
Founder of Internationally Acclaimed Ancient Universities of India (Vikramshila of Bhagalpur, Takhshila of Pakistan, Nalanda of Gaya, Madrasa of Bider & Culcutta), Shabarmati Ashram, Darul Oloom (Deoband), Jamiat Ulema Hind, Jamia Al-Azhar, Imaarat Shariah, Shibli College/ Ghalib College/ Maulana Azad College/Islamia Higher Secondary, Jamia Millia Islamia /Jamia Hamdard/ MANUU/ Osmania University/Alia University/Integral University/Al-Amin, Madrsatuloloom (Delhi), State’s Madrasa Tuloloom, All Jamia/Madaris, All Mobile Madaris (Tabligh); All true followers of fantastic hero Prophet Mohammed SAW, All noble works and beautiful minds of India/world in science/technology, literature and other education arena for the vertical progress of the nation/world so as to convert developing India into developed India, to make India the best country in the world and to make this world the best place under the sky, after-all to complete the mission of the global brotherhood within global family as politics is the greatest global threat in making of the finest painless world and the only reason to destroy mankind but the solution of all issues rests in honesty.                                              
Jai Bharat, Jai Hind : :Jamia Urdu Hind.


Aalmi beradri ka ab na hone paye bantwara::
Yahi he kaam hamara yahi paigham hamara
Jai Bharat Jai Hind!!! Jamia Urdu Hind!!!
Insaan ka nazre-karam ho insaan pe insaan sa::
Ye zameen paak saaf lage nazar ko asmaan sa
Naye daur me hua purana unch neech ka qissa::
Sab ko mile mehnat k mutabiq apna apna hissa
Sab keliye khushiyun ka barabur ho bantwara::
Yahi he kaam hamara yahi paigham hamara
Jai Bharat Jai Hind!!! Jamia Urdu Hind!!!
Khun k rang ek zameen ek saara aasman ek he::
Koi rehzan se kehde k hamara Hindustan ek he
Jamia Urdu Hind har gali me eelm ka diya jalaye::
Ameer wo ghareeb me ab koi farq nahi rah jaye
Falah-e-hind ki zinat se ghar ghar ho ujyara::
Yahi he kaam hamara yahi paigham hamara
Jai Bharat Jai Hind!!! Jamia Urdu Hind!!!


News and Views

In Parliament’s War of Urdu Couplets

 24/5/2011 (India Real Time)
When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and opposition leader Sushma Swaraj exchanged barbs yesterday by way of Urdu poetry, it wasn’t immediately clear to even the most learned in our newsroom precisely what they had said.
According to the Indian Express, this was Ms. Swaraj’s literary volley, which came after she criticized the prime minister for passing the buck on scandals ranging from the Commonwealth Games to the 2G spectrum sale:
Na idhar udhar ki tu baat kar,
Ye bataa ki kaafila kyun luta.
Hamein rahjano se gila nahin,
Teri rahbari ka sawaal hai.
Translation: Don’t talk about this thing and that, tell us why the caravan was looted. We have no complaint with the passersby, it is a question of your leadership.
IRT’s take: This takes a pretty good swipe at the PM. Credit Ms. Swaraj’s Bharatiya Janata Party for digging up something that offers a decent metaphor for scandals and the notion of a leader trying to pass the buck. Side note: It’s nice to see the Hindu nationalist BJP party embracing India’s rich cultural and religious heritage by choosing Urdu as its rhetorical weapon of choice.
Mr. Singh offered up this retort, which evoked guffaws from Congress Party parliamentarians:
Maana ki tere deed ke kaabil nahin hoon main,
Tu mera shauk dekh, mera intezar dekh.

Our in-house translation: I agree I am not worth your looking at me; but see my keenness, my anticipation.

IRT’s take: Perhaps something gets lost in translation here, but this doesn’t seem to come off as a very robust defense against the charge of looting a caravan! Isn’t there an Urdu couplet that could metaphorically attack the BJP for holding up parliament or for having sour grapes after losing two national elections? Something to the effect of: You lost the game because of your mistakes, but now you blame me.

 AAP lawmaker Bhagwant Mann who spoke in the parliament using Urdu Poetry was condemn by many BJP supporters and given a title as Comedian.

 Pehle Kiraya Badhaya Rail Ka
 Phir Number Aaya Tail Ka
 Khud Hi 10 Saal Karterahe Nuqtachini
 Aate Hi Mehengi Kardi Cheeni
 Har Koi Sapne Dikhakar Aam Aadmi Ko Thug Rahahe
 Aam Aadmi Ko Ab Chin Se Nahi Cheeni Se Dar Lag Rahahe
An acclaimed comedian, Mann eased up things in the Parliament with his magical talent. He did what he is best at stand-up comedy. The subject was different, the audience was political and the environment tense. But he managed to tickle a funny bone through his poetry.  Mann’s ‘stand-up’ act in Parliament has gone viral on social media, with some saying that it was a respite from the usual infighting and bickering between lawmakers.

You would have heard the following poetry (Shairi) so many times in the parliament before:

Ye jabr bhi dekha hai taarikh ki nazron ne
 Lamhon ne khata ki thi sadiyon ne saza pai But very few people know the name of the poet was Muzaffar Razmi from Kairana, District Muzaffarnagar.

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India 10-January-2015 16:11 IST/PIB

Urdu Purely an Indian Language Loved and Nurtured by all Indians; Centre Committed to Development of all: Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Urdu is a language which has been nurtured lovingly by people across all religions class and creed. It does not belong to any particular caste or religion. Urdu is purely an Indian language. It is a fact that Urdu language is read less widely as it should be but it is also a fact that it is very commonly used in day to day conversations. It is the language of the common man. Stating this during the Foundation Day address at the Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad yesterday, Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs said, the MANUU has played a great role in changing this perception and making Urdu an instrument for technical and professional education. It is a very important language used in all areas. The MANUU has created enough opportunities and arrangements even to teach Engineering & Technology to the Urdu medium students, a great achievement indeed, he added. He further said that, the Modi government is in position at the Centre with a strong vision and mandate for development of all. The passing out students must constantly keep in mind their role towards contributing in nation building. This University is in tune with its progressive movement of preparing the future generations. The central government is concerned about the socio-economic and educational empowerment of minorities and trying to reach out to far-flung regions to understand the hurdles faced in implementation of welfare schemes and programmes.  **** AT

Rare manuscript, interview of Ghadar Party founder traced in Berlin library (TOI 2014-09-22 12:38:00). The 60-page manuscript, written in Urdu in a lined exercise book around 1951, and the recording were preserved as a part of Horst Krüger’s papers in Zentrum Moderne Orient (Centre of Modern Orientals) in Berlin. Urdu is a language which unites the society and connects people and it has been the endeavor of ‘Samajwadis’ to estbalish unity in the society through languages, UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said.
Vice-President Hamid Ansari inaugurated a national conference on Urdu at Bhiwandi and stressed the need for development of the “beautiful language” as responsibility of every India.
Hindi and Urdu are like the two eyes of India.
BBC Urdu ‘discovered’ Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai in a joint award with Indian children’s rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi (9/12/14 at 23:23 GMT). Jai Bharat Jai Hind::Jamia Urdu Hind.
Acculturation (mixing of cultures) is assimilation of one cultural group into another by changes in language preference, adoption of common attitudes and values, membership in common social groups and institutions and loss of separate political or ethnic identification. Acculturation is seen in old documents of land written in Farsi and Urdu and Mughlai Recipes.The Mughals have truly left a long lasting influence on India which is also reflected in the cuisine of India. Mughlai food occupies a commanding position in the popular cuisines of India, one of the most popular cuisines whose origin can be traced back to the times of Mughal Empire consisting of the dishes that were prepared in the kitchens of the royal Mughal Emperors famous for the exotic use of spices, dried fruit and nuts. Indian cuisine is predominantly influenced by the cooking style practiced during the Mughal era. The Mughals did everything in style and splendour. Still royal ceremonies are celebrated by the use of Mughal Recipes such as Biryani Badshahi, Seekh Kabaab, Meat Darbari, Chicken Changezi, Murg Musallam, Shami Kabaab, Hydrabadi Biryani, Shahjehani Murg Masala, Shahi Roghan Josh, Murg Kababs Mughlai, Murg Noorjehani, Nehari-Paya, Tandoori Chicken and many more ………. Thus, State’s Madrasa Tulolum is a symbol of acculturation for secular Madrasa Education to provide the platform of education for all via Urdu Culture.
Also see more poetry on:

Famous verses by Kaifi Azmi

Aaj ki raat bahut garam hawa chalti hai
Aaj ki raat na neend aayegi
Hum sub uthen, main bhi uthun, tum bhi utho
Koi khidki isi deewar mein khul jayegi
- Makaan
 Tu jo bejaan khilonon se behel jaati hai
Tapti saanson ki haraarat se pighal jaati hai Paaon jis raah mein rakhti hai fisal jaati hai Banke seemaab har ik zarf mein dhal jaati hai Zist ke aahni saanche main dhalna hai tujhe uth meri jaan mere saath hi chalna hai tujhe… – Aurat (Woman)
Waqt Ni Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum rahe na tum,Hum Rahe na Hum. - Film Kaagaz Ke Phool 1959
  Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho
Kya gum hai jisko Chupa rahe Ho. - Film Arth (1982)
  Jhuki jhuki si nazar bekraar hai ke nahin,
dabaa dabaa sa sahi, dil mein pyaar hai ke nahin..
- Film Arth (1982)
Zindagi bhar mujhe nafrat si rahi asko se,
Meri khwabo ko tum asko me dubote keu ho?
Jo meri tarha jia karte hai kab marte hai ,
Thak gaya hu mujhe solene do rote keu ho?
Soke bhi jagte rahte hai janbaz suno.
 Film by Kaifi Azmi
Kyoon sanvari hai ye chandan ki chita mere liey main koi jism nahi hoon ke jalao ge mujhe raakh ke saath bikhar jaunga mai.
N dunia mei. n tum jaha.n khaogey thokar wahee.n paogey mujhe har kadam par hai naye mod ka aagaz suno meri aawaz suno pyar ka raag suno mainay ik phool jo sine pe sajaa rakha tha uske parde mei.n tumhe dil se laga rakha tha tha sab se juda mere dil ka andaz suno meri aawaz suno pyar ka raag suno
So Finally, Salman Khan Have Done Noble Work through Being Human Foundation


‘Bajirao-Mastani’ in trouble as kin raise objections, say ‘show us the script’
News18 | Vivek Trivedi | Mon Oct 05, 2015 | 15:23 IST
Claiming themselves as descendants of queen Mastani Bai, these Sehore residents have filed a legal suit with the Madhya Pradesh High Court, seeking intervention from the court in the matter. They claim that king of Panna province Chhatrasal was attacked by Mughal chief from Allahabad Md Ali Bangash in 1727-28 and the king had sought help from Peshwa Bajirao. After the duo defeated Bangash, Chhatrashal out of gratitude married his daughter Mastani born to a Persian queen, to Bajirao. ‘The couple had a son Shamsher Bahadur (I) and the lineage continued which these aggrieved relatives represent now. They are based at Banda House complex in Sehore in Madhya Pradesh. One of the relatives Tamkin Ali Bahadur told newsmen in Bhopal on Monday that the last Nawab in the family Ali Bahadur (II) had fought Britishers in 1957 and was jailed in Indore thus the family became Madhya Pradesh citizens. Establishing their family tree through pictures of old Nawabs, several books and old articles published in several national dailies, the family claimed that they wanted to make sure that no tampering is done with the historical facts in the making of the movie. Bollywood heartthrob Ranvir Singh and Dipika Padukone play the titular protagonists while Priyanka Chopra plays the role of Bajirao’s first wife.
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Government of India
Dr. Jitendra Singh has urged the State governments to encourage this practice and also appealed to the common people, particularly youth, to bear in mind that whenever they approach an office with documents, they should bring to the notice of the authorities that the Government of India now allows self attestation of certificates by the candidate himself.
LCD Patna: The most polluted cities in India is Lucknow, Chennei, Delhi and Patna…. NDTV 8AM 13.12.15
Koh-i-Noor Diamond Facts

(Value= Half Day of Production of the whole World= 180 Carats now cut to 108 Carats by British).

 Myths and legends surround the stone. It was of incredible value and described by one of its owners, the Emperor Babur, the Great Mogul, as “Worth the value of one day’s food for all the people in the world”. Koh-I-Noor diamond looted by British Empire of India now mounted on the Crown of Queen Elizabeth. The diamond belonged to various Indian and Persian rulers who fought bitter battles throughout history. In 1304, it belonged to the Emperor of Delhi, Allaudin Khilji. In 1526 the Mughal ruler Babur mentions the diamond in his writings, Baburmama. The diamond was gifted to him by the Sultan Ibrahim Lodi. He was the one who described the diamond’s value equal to half-day production costs of the world. Nadir Shah gave the diamond its current name, Koh-i-Noor meaning “Mountain of light”. The Koh-I-Noor was mounted on the Peaccock Throne, the Mughal throne of India. The name means “Mountain of Light” in Persian. It is believed that the name was first used by Nader Shah who took possession of the diamond in 1739. Prior to this date, the name Kohinoor wasn’t used. There is an alleged curse on the Kohinoor that affects males who wear it (but females are immune). Since being in the possession of Queen Victoria, only women wore the diamond. In 1852 the Queen decided to reshape the diamond and it was taken to a Dutch jeweler, Mr Cantor who cut it to 108.93 carats. It is believed that the famous Darya-Ye Noor diamond is the Kohinoor’s double. The Darya-ye Noor is hosted in Iran and has 182 carats. As of today, the Koh-I-Noor is on display in the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels. Both India and Pakistan claim the diamond should be handed by the British back to them.

The History Timeline of the Kohinoor Diamond

1200 – 1300′s  There were many dynasties who owned the Kohinoor diamond including the Slave dynasty (1206-90), the Khilji dynasty (1290-1320), the Tughlaq dynasty (1320-1413), the Sayyid dynasty (1414-51), and the Lodi dynasty (1451-1526)These were all brief reigns ending with war and violence 1306 In 1306 the Rajah of Malwa was forced to give the diamond to the rulers of the Kakatiya Empire 1323 Soon after, in 1323, the Kakatiya Empire fell after a rule stretching from 1083 to 1323. The diamond was taken by Muhammad bin Tughluq  who became the Sultan of Delhi from 1325 to 1351 1323 – 1526 The diamond came into the possession of the Delhi Sultanate which consisted of many Muslim dynasties that ruled in India to 1526. During the Delhi Sultanate Muslim armies consisting of Mongol, Turkic, Persian, and Afghan warriors invaded India
1526 In 1526 the Kohinoor Diamond passed to the Mughal Empire when the Timurid Prince Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans, at the First Battle of Panipat. Mughal is the Persian word for Mongol. Babur mentions in his memoirs, the Baburnama. The Mughal Empire ruled most of the Indian subcontinent for two hundred years and the Kohinoor passed from one Mughal Emperor to the next. Violence and bloodshed followed these years often marked by the sons of the Emperors rebelling and overtaking their fathers. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1592 – 1666), who was famous for building the Taj Mahal, had the Kohinoor Diamond placed into his ornate Peacock Throne.
1639 The Koh-i-Noor changed ownership several more times until the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan took the throne. In 1639  a struggle for the Empire started between his four sons – Dara Shikoh, Shah Shuja, Aurangzeb and Murad Baksh when brother killed brother.  Shah Shuja executed his brother Dara Shikoh and in then 1658 Aurangzeb defeated Shuja and Shuja who was tortured to death together with all his family.
1665 In 1665 Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605 – 1689), French traveller and pioneer of jewelry and diamond trade with India, recorded his experiences in which he describes a great Mughal diamond said to be the biggest in the world. It was called the “Great Mogul” by Tavernier.
1739 In 1739 the Persian King Nadir Shah invaded the Mughal Empire defeating their Emperor and stole the great Koh-i-Noor diamond (Nadir Shah is credited with giving the diamond the name it is known by today). The Koh-i-Noor Diamond was taken to Persia 1747 In 1747 the empire of Nadir Shah quickly disintegrated after he was assassinated – the Curse of the Kohinoor strikes again? After Nadir Shah’s assassination, the diamond passed to his successors, each were dethroned and ritually blinded (Blinding was used to render an enemy powerless and make him a burden on his community.)
1800 1800 – Ranjit Singh took the Empire and possession of the Kohinoor diamond. Rajah Ranjit Singh died in 1839 and his successors lacked his bravery and vision. The Sikh kingdom became weak and the British conquered India which became part of the British Empire and the British Raj or rule gained control of India from 1858 – 1947. The British Governor-General of India, Lord Dalhousie, was responsible for the British acquiring the Koh-i-Noor.
1851 1851 – Dalhousie arranged that the Kohinoor diamond should be presented by Ranjit Singh’s successor, Duleep Singh, to Queen Victoria, the Empress of India.

The above history timeline of the Kohinoor diamond details important historical events and dates and the legends and myths that surround the curse of the Koh-i-Noor. 

Sai Baba of Shirdi (1835 –1918) was Muslim Fakir, dressed like a Muslim Fakir,practiced Muslim rituals, buried in Shirdi, lived in Baba’s Mosque called Dwarkamai, loved all equally. He never mentioned that he should be worshiped but he wished that his messages should be followed by all. He stressed the importance of surrender to the guidance of the true Murshid. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to Allah. He gave no distinction based on religion or caste( to unite all Indians against British Imperialism). One of his well known epigrams, “Sabka Malik Ek” (“One God governs all”), is associated with Hinduism, Islam and Sufism messaged for monotheism. He always uttered “Allah Malik” (“God is King”). He used to deliver spiritual teachings (Sabka Malik Ek, Allah Malik) to his visitors, recommending the reading of Quran and sacred Hindu texts. He claimed to have been with the army of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi during the India Rebellion of 1857. He lived under a Neem tree for 4-5 years initially and often wandered for long periods in the jungle around Shirdi. In the mosque he maintained a sacred fire which is referred to as a Dhuni, from which he gave sacred ashes (‘Udhi’) to his guests before they left. He allowed the practice of Namaz, chanting of Al-Fatiha and reading of Qur’an.

Brian Deese
Senior Advisor to the President Barack Obama, The White House, USA.
To: State’s Madrasa Tulolum for Oriental Learning, Jamia Urdu Hind Office jamiaurduhind@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Dec 13, 2015 at 6:30 AM
Subject: The most ambitious climate agreement in history.
I’m Brian Deese, President Obama’s senior advisor. I’m here in Paris, where more than 190 countries just came together around the most ambitious climate agreement in history.
The President spoke from the White House to lay out the importance of this agreement.
First, for the first time ever, all countries committed to putting forward ambitious targets to reduce
carbon emissions.
It’s truly a historic achievement. It is the culmination of nations, businesses, cities, and citizens combining
forces to achieve something together. And it sends a powerful signal to the world — businesses and countries alike — that we’re moving to a clean energy economy.Today, as the President said, we have demonstrated “that the world has both the will and the ability to take on this challenge.”Thanks, and stay tuned for more from the frontlines of the fight against climate change.
Protection from Jinn, Black Magic, Evil Spirits, Bhoot & Devils
Research work of JUH connecting 2D world with 3D world
Based on UFO Files, Telecast of Fear Files (CBI Report of Rajasthan: Zee Anmol 20/12/15 at 11PM),
Findings of Khaanqah, Dargaah and Kachhouchha Shareef
Antibiotic works only 37%. The etiology or cause of 86% diseases and syndromes are idiopathic/unknown to the world. Out of total mortality in the hospitals, patients die of side effects or adverse effects of drugs administered in them in the hospital due to treatment surprisingly 28 % in developing world and 13 % in the developed world (USMLE – United State Medical Licensing Examinations Series 2004). Many patients remain undiagnosed hence ill-treated due to unusual manifestations of the disease among these patients, effected by Black Magic, Evil Spirits, Jinn, Devils, Bhoot. All of these remain hidden and able to change shape as Jinn live in 2D world but Human Beings live in 3D world so the basis of non-scientific events originate. Many patients are treated by religious figures (Padri, Bhagat, Babaji, Pandit, Maulvi, Maulana, Peer, Buzurg, Shazadanasheen) and how it works, can be understood by these explanations:
The Story of Prophet Hood (www.IslamReligion.com)
Judeo-Christian-Muslim (Monotheism) provides us with the astonishing details of the creation of Adam. Both Christian and Jewish traditions are remarkably similar yet. The Book of Genesis describes Adam as being made from “the dust of the earth,” and in the Talmud, Adam is described as being kneaded from mud. So begins the story of Adam, the first man, the first human being. God created Adam from a handful of soil containing portions from all its varieties on Earth. Angels were sent to earth to collect the soil that was to become Adam. The descendants of Adam were destined to be as diverse as the handful of soil from which their ancestor was created; all have different appearances, attributes and qualities. Many people may be surprised to learn that Muslims also believe in the Prophets found in Jewish and Christian traditions. Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, amongst many others, all figure prominently in the pages of Quran.Believing in all of God’s prophets and revealed Books are two of the pillars of faith in Islam therefore; Muslims accept the Torah and the (Injeel) Gospels of Jesus. However they also believe that these books were altered, or lost over the course of time. Consequently Muslims believe only what has been confirmed in the Quran or the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad. In the Old Testament reference is made to a descendant of Noah named Eber. In some traditions, he is called Heber, and known as the father of the Hebrew language. In Islam however he is known as Hudand is one of four Arabic prophets, the others being, Saleh, Shuaib and Muhammad. Renowned Islamic scholar of the 14th century, Ibn Kathir, reports that Ibn Jarir also claims that Hud was a descendent of Noah. Sent by God to his brethren, Hud spread the message that God is One and to worship Him alone. It was the same message spread by all the Prophets of God. Hud said to his people, “O my people, worship God, you have no other God but Him”. (Quran 11:50). Hud belonged to the ancient civilization known as Aad, and its capital city is believed to have been the fabled city of Ubar, known in Quran as Iram. (89:6-7). Aad is believed to have been situated in the windswept hills between Oman and Yemen. The people were known to build lofty towers, and thus the area became known as the land of a thousand pillars. It was a civilization unlike any other. God blessed Aad and its people. He provided them with fertile land and abundant agriculture, many children, an ample supply of livestock and easy access to water resources. The people themselves were described as tall, strong, and well built. In many ways, Aad could be described as a society much like many of the opulent societies that exist today. There was an excess of wealth and the proud, arrogant people were not satisfied with fulfilling their basic needs. They began to build towers and dwellings merely to display their wealth and they accumulated worldly possessions as if they were a people destined to live forever. The rulers and leaders of Aad were powerful tyrants, their wealth did not make them soft, as sometimes happens, but rather they grew strong and dominated the lands around them. Satan was among them and made their deeds seem fair seeming to them. Their arrogance and pride grew and the worship of idols became prevalent. Prophet Hud was also a strong man but he used his strength to confront the problems that abounded in his society, however, the people were too proud to listen. They did not want Hud to point out their mistakes but he persisted in calling them to righteousness.
Origin of Religion – Monotheism
The origin of religion and monotheistic systems: Monotheism (a belief in one God) is the foundation of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim line of religions, which began with a man named Abraham in about 2000 BC, covers up 90 % population of the world. From this point in history, God began revealing Himself to the world through the nation of Israel. The Jewish Scriptures record the journey of the Israelites from slaves in Egypt to the “promised land” in Canaan under the leadership of Moses. During a period of about 1500 years, God revealed what became the Old Testament of the Bible, relating the history of Israel with the character and laws of God. During the period of the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem as the long-awaited Messiah. The ministry of Jesus ended in about 32 AD with His crucifixion and resurrection. After Christ’s ascension into heaven, the Christian church grew in His name and the New Testament was written. About 600 years later, Muhammad began preaching in Mecca. Muhammad believed he was the ultimate prophet of God, and his teachings became the precepts of Islam as recorded in the Qur’an.
Origin of Religion – Important Dates in History:
  • c. 2000 BC: Time of Abraham, the patriarch of Israel.
  • c. 1200 BC: Time of Moses, the Hebrew leader of the Exodus.
  • c. 1100 – 500 BC: Hindus compile their holy texts, the Vedas.
  • c. 563 – 483 BC: Time of Buddha, founder of Buddhism.
  • c. 551 – 479 BC: Time of Confucius, founder of Confucianism.
  • c. 200 BC: The Hindu book, Bhagavad Gita, is written.
  • c. 2 to 4 BC – 32 AD: Time of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and founder of Christianity.
  • c. 32 AD: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • c. 40 – 90 AD: The New Testament is written by the followers of Jesus Christ.
  • c. 570 – 632 AD: Time of Muhammad, who records the Qur’an as the basis of Islam.
Now Judeo-Christian-Muslim have same origin, let us check the origin of Hinduism and Budhaism:
The Concept of Kalki Avtar and Vedic Teachings with the declaration of Arya Samaj and Ramkrishna Mission define God as defined by Judeo-Christian-Muslim: Monotheism (God is one able to worship).
The Graveyard system in Indus Valley Civilization, the Signs of appearance of Prophet Mohammed in various sacred holy books such as Ved, Bible, Torah, Injeel etc, the last word of Gautam Boodh during his death indicating the next appearance of Prophet Mohammed after Budhaism in the progressive timeline, The Aryan Invasion and the bloodshed of the time leading to the entry of Krishna for Justice and his grave discovered during that period of civilization indicate that all are converging towards the concept of prophet hood and monotheism. In Islam, only less than half century Prophet’s name have been mentioned out of 1 lakh 24 thousand prophets. So, Ram, Krishna etc may be Avtar of the time for the region. Brahma, Mahesh, Vishnu means Generator, Operator and Destroyer (GOD) has been believed to be preserved in Oom, again leading to monotheism as defined by Judeo-Christian-Muslim: Monotheism (God is one able to worship). It means, this religion is old and has no historical findings due to ancient period but possesses similar concept as mentioned by Judeo-Christian-Muslim: Monotheism (God is one able to worship). Shankaracharya of Kerala 4 decades back started Maths in 4 corners of India for Vedic teachings only which lead to the present Hindu Samaj (Ref: Glorious History of India).
Now, how black magic, evil spirits, devil, Jinn, bhoot etc is destroyed by various religious concept:
The answer lies in the aforesaid description as all religion has the same origin but changed or transformed with the passage of time whereas the commandments of the same Allah or Prameshwar or Almighty or Ishwar were the constant. As per Islamic Concept, Allah has created 2 animals for worship: One is in 3D (Human Beings) and the second is in 2D (Jinn), the rest in the world is for the usage of these 2 animals. Jinn were before the entry of Adam on earth. Jinn live in 2D world but Human live in 3D world. The existence of Black Magic, Devils and Jinn were informed by Prophet Mohammed, Jesus, Mosses.
During the period of all prophets, the verses of Allah revealed on Prophets of time in any vernacular were used as antidote to root out the ill-effects of these non-scientific things (black magic, evil spirits, Jinn, devils) having different potency for different disturbance in human world. But research paper of comparative study of religion states that Ayatal Kursi( words of Allah in Quran) is panacea for black magic, evil spirits, devils, Jinn, bhoot as these verses are from the latest and the complete commandments of Almighty or Ishwar in the timeline of revelation of all Holy Books (Bible, Ved, Toreh, Injeel etc). One sentence is useful for a lost thing, security, black magic, evil spirits, Jinn, bhoot etc. The single line is: Wala Yaooduhu Hifzuhuma Wa Huwal Aliyul Azeem (and He is the most High, the Great). In any unusual crisis, when anyone see or encounter black magic, evil spirits, Jinn, bhoot etc, can read this verse and consult the expert. We have not only hope but full confidence that you will get the benefit in the right way. (Extract of Research work of JUH connecting 2D world with 3D world)

(See this authentic page for more information: https://sites.google.com/site/islaamicprayer/duaas-for-protection-against-ur-enemies-and-accidents/duaas-for-protection-from-jinn-black-magic)

India – भारत – ﮨﻨﺪﻭﺳﺘﺎﻥ

(True India: The Half Part of Asia: Indus Valley, Takshila, Nalanda, Aryabhat, Akbar, Ashoka)

स्वतंत्रतासंग्रामकेमुस्लमानक्रांतकारियोकाइतिहास ! India – भारत – ﮨﻨﺪﻭﺳﺘﺎﻥ केस्वतंत्रतासंग्रामकेमुस्लमानक्रांतकारियोकाइतिहास ! इतिहासकेपन्नोंमेंअनगिनतऐसीहस्तियोंकेनामदबेपड़ेहैंजिन्होनेभारतीयस्वतंत्राआंदोलनमेंअपनेजीवनकाबहुमूल्ययोगदानदियाजिनकाज़िक्रभूलेसेभीहमेंसुननेकोनहींमिलता? जबकिअंग्रेजोंकेखिलाफभारतकेसंघर्षमेंमुस्लिमक्रांतिकारियों, कवियोंऔरलेखकोंकायोगदानप्रलेखितहै| 1 KUNHALI MARAKKAR 1498 कीशुरुआतसेयूरोपीयदेशोंकीनौसेनाकाउदयऔरव्यापारशक्तिकोदेखागयाक्योंकिवेभारतीयउपमहाद्वीपपरतेजीसेनौसेनाशक्तिमेंवृद्धिऔरविस्तारकरनेमेंरूचिलेरहेथे।ब्रिटेनऔरयूरोपमेंऔद्योगिकक्रांतिकेआगमनकेबादयूरोपीयशक्तियोंनेमुगलसाम्राज्यकापतनकरनेकेलिएएकमहत्वपूर्णप्रौद्योगिकीयऔरवाणिज्यिकलाभप्राप्तकियाथा।उन्होंनेधीरे-धीरेइसउपमहाद्वीपपरअपनेप्रभावमेंवृद्धिकरनाशुरूकिया. पुर्तगालियोंकेखिलाफलड़ाहुआकिसीभारतीयकापहलाहथयारबन्दआंदोलनथा , कुन्हालीमरक्करकाख़िताबउनमुस्लिमनाविकयोद्धाओंकेनामपरहैजिन्होंनेअपनेहिन्दूराजा  Zamorin (Samoothiri) केलिएपुर्तगालियोकेखिलाफकालीकटकेरलामेंदशकोंतक  विद्रोह  कियाथा , येयुद्ध 1502 से 1600 ईतकचला ! 2 BATTLE OF PLASSEY

प्लासी कायुद्ध 23 जून 1757 को मुर्शिदाबाद केदक्षिणमें२२मीलदूरनदियाजिलेमेंगंगानदीकेकिनारे ‘प्लासी’ नामकस्थानमेंहुआथा।इसयुद्धमेंएकओरब्रिटिशईस्टइंडियाकंपनी कीसेनाथीतोदूसरीओरथीबंगालकेनवाबकीसेना।कंपनीकीसेनाने रॉबर्टक्लाइव केनेतृत्वमेंनबाव सिराज़ुद्दौला कोहरादियाथा।किंतुइसयुद्धकोकम्पनीकीजीतनहीमानसकतेकयोंकियुद्धसेपूर्वहीनवाबकेतीनसेनानायक, उसकेदरबारी, तथाराज्यकेअमीरसेठजगतसेठआदिसेकलाइवनेषडंयत्रकरलियाथा।नवाबकीतोपूरीसेनानेयुद्धमेभागभीनहीलियाथायुद्धकेफ़ौरनबाद मीरजाफर केपुत्रमीरननेनवाबकीहत्याकरदीथी।युद्धकोभारतकेलिएबहुतदुर्भाग्यपूर्णमानाजाताहैइसयुद्धसेहीभारतकीदासताकीकहानीशुरूहोतीहै।


हैदरअली, औरबादमेंउनकेबेटेटीपूसुल्ताननेब्रिटिशइस्टइंडियाकंपनीकेप्रारम्भिकखतरेकोसमझाऔरउसकाविरोधकिया। टीपूसुल्तानभारतकेइतिहासमेंएकऐसायोद्धाभीथाजिसकीदिमागीसूझबूझऔरबहादुरीनेकईबारअंग्रेजोंकोघुटनेटेकनेपरमजबूरकरदिया. अपनीवीरताकेकारणहीवह ‘शेर-ए-मैसूर’ कहलाए.इसपराक्रमीयोद्धाकानामटीपूसुल्तानथा.
गीदड़कीसौसालकीज़िन्दगीसेबेहतरहैशेरकीएकदिनकीज़िन्दगी :- टीपूसुल्तान
अंग्रेजोंसेलोहालेनेवालेमेंबादशाहटीपूसुल्ताननेहीदेशमेंबाहरीहमलावरअंग्रेजोकेज़ुल्मऔरसितमकेखिलाफबिगुलबजायथाऔरजानकीबजीलगादीमगरअंग्रेजोंसेसमझौतानहींकिया! टीपूअपनीआखिरीसाँसतकअंग्रेजोसेलड़तेलड़तेशहीदहोगए।उनकीतलवारअंगरेज़अपनेसाथब्रिटेनलेगए।टीपूकीमृत्यूकेबादसाराराज्यअंग्रेज़ोंकेहाथआगया। टीपूकीबहादुरीकोदेखतेहुएपूर्वराष्ट्रपतिडॉ. एपीजेअब्दुलकलामनेउन्हेंविश्वकासबसेपहलाराकेटआविष्कारकबतायाथा. बहरहाल, 1799 मेंटीपूसुल्तानअंततःश्रीरंगापटनममेंपराजितहुए। 4 मई 1799 को 48 वर्षकीआयुमेंकर्नाटककेश्रीरंगपट्टनामेंटीपूकोधोकेसेअंग्रेजोंद्वाराक़त्लकियागया।
वेल्लोरकीक्रांतिईस्टइंडियाकम्पनीकेखिलाफ़भारतीयसिपाहीआंदोलनकासबसेपहलाउदाहरणहै।यहआंदोलन 1857 केसिपाहीआंदोलनसेपहलेहीनिश्चितकियाजाचुकाथा।यहविद्रोहदक्षिणभारतकेवेल्लोरनामककस्बेमेंशुरूहुआथा।यहआंदोलनबहुतबड़ानहींथालेकिनबहुतभयानकथा।इसक्रांतिकेदौरानक्रांतिकारीवेल्लोरकेदुर्गमेंघुसगयेऔरउन्होंनेब्रिटिशटुकडियोंकेसैनिकोंकोमारड़ालावकुछकोघायलकरदिया।
इसक्रांतिकेपीछेमुख्यकारणयहथाकिनवम्बर 1805 मेंब्रिटिशसरकारनेभारतीयसैनिकोंकीवर्दीमेंकाफ़ीपरिवर्तनकरदियेथेजिनकोसैनिकोंनेपसन्दनहींकियाऔरउनकीयेनापसंदगीविद्रोहमेंबदलगई।सरकारनेहिन्दूसैनिकोंकोउनकेधार्मिकचिन्हजोवेअपनेमस्तकपरलगातेथेलगानेकीअनुमतिनहींदीऔरमुस्लमानोंकोदाढ़ीवमूँछहटानेकेलियेबाध्यकियागया।इसबातनेसिपाहियोंकेदिलोंमेंविद्रोहउत्पन्नकियाऔरजबसैनिकोंनेसरकारकेखिलाफ़अपनाविद्रोहप्रदर्शितकियातोमई 1806 मेंकुछविद्रोहीसैनिकोंकोइसकेलियेदंडितकियागया।एकहिन्दूऔरएकमुस्लिमसिपाहीकोइसअपराधकेलिये 900 कोड़ेमारेगये, 19 अन्यसिपाहियोंको 500 कोड़ेमारेगएऔरइनसबसैनिकोंकोब्रिटिशसरकारनेईस्टइंडियाकम्पनीसेक्षमामांगनेकेलियेबाध्यकियागया।
दूसरीतरफ़यहआंदोलन 1799 सेबंदीबनायेगयेटीपूसुल्तानकेबेटोंकोमुक्तकरवानेकेलियेभीकियागयाथा। 9 जुलाई 1806 कोटीपूसुल्तानकीएकबेटीकाविवाहथा।इसदिनक्रांतिकेआयोजनकर्तामेंविवाहमेंशामिलहोनेकेबहानेसेउसदुर्गमेंएकत्रितहुए। 10 जुलाईकीेआधीरातकोसिपाहियोंनेदुर्गकोचारोंओरसेघेरलियाऔरअधिकांंशब्रिटिशलोगोंकोमारडाला।सुबहहोतेहीदुर्गकेऊपरमैसूरकेसुल्तानकाझंडाफ़हरायागया।इसघटनामेंभागलेनेवालेक्रांतिकारियोंनेटीपूसुल्तानकेदूसरेपुत्रफ़तेहहैदरकोराजाघोषितकरदिया।
लेकिनएकब्रिटिशअधिकारीवहाँसेभागगयाऔरउसनेनजदीकहीअर्कोटमेंस्थितब्रिटिशसेनाकोइसघटनासेअवगतकरवादिया। 9 घंटेबादहीब्रिटिशअधिकारीसररोलोगिलेस्पीअपनीघुडसवारसेनाकेसाथउसदुर्गमेंपहुँचा, क्योंकिदुर्गपरसिपाहियोंद्वाराठीकसेसुरक्षाकेलियेपहरानहींदियाजारहाथा।वहाँब्रिटिशसेनावक्रांतिकारियोंकेबीचभयानकलड़ाईहुईजिसमेंलगभग 350 आंदोलनकारीमारेगयेवदूसरे 350 घायलहोगये।दूसरेतथ्योंकेअनुसारउसलड़ाईमें 800 आंदोलनकारीमारेगयेथे।
इसघटनाकेबादब्रिटिशसरकारनेबंदीकियेगयेशासकोंकोकलकत्ताभेजदिया।मद्रासकेब्रिटिशग़र्वनरविलियमबैंटिकनेभारतीयसिपाहियोंकेसामाजिकवधार्मिकरिवाजोंकेसाथजोनिरोधात्मकनियमब्रिटिशसरकारनेलगायेथेउनकोबंदकरदिया।ब्रिटिशसरकारनेसिपाहीविद्रोहकीइसघटनासेअच्छासबकसीखलिया, इसीलिये 1857 कीक्रांतिकेसमयसिपाहियोंकासामान्यगुस्सासमाप्तहोरहाथा।
यहबातभीरोचकहैकिवेल्लोरकेआंदोलनकारियोंनेटीपूसुल्तानकेपुत्रोंकोफ़िरसेसत्तामेंलानेकीयोजनाबनाईजैसा 1857 कीक्रांतिनेभारतकेसम्राटबहादुरशाहकोफ़िरसेसत्तामेंलाकरमुगलसाम्राज्यकोएकबारफ़िरसेस्थापितकरनाचाहाथा।


बहादुरशाहज़फ़र (1775-1862) भारत में मुग़लसाम्राज्य केआखिरीशहंशाहथेऔर उर्दू भाषाकेमानेहुएशायरथे।उन्होंने 1857  काप्रथमभारतीयस्वतंत्रतासंग्राम मेंभारतीयसिपाहियोंकानेतृत्वकिया।युद्धमेंहारकेबादअंग्रेजोंनेउन्हेंबर्मा (अबम्यांमार) भेजदियाजहाँउनकीमृत्युहुई। 1857 काभारतीयविद्रोह, जिसे प्रथमभारतीयस्वतंत्रतासंग्राम, सिपाहीविद्रोह और भारतीयविद्रोहकेनामसेभीजानाजाताहैब्रितानीशासनकेविरुद्धएकसशस्त्रविद्रोहथा।यहविद्रोहदोवर्षोंतकभारतकेविभिन्नक्षेत्रोंमेंचला।इसविद्रोहकाआरंभछावनीक्षेत्रोंमेंछोटीझड़पोंतथाआगजनीसेहुआथापरन्तुजनवरीमासतकइसनेएकबड़ारुपलेलिया।विद्रोहकाअन्तभारतमें ईस्टइंडियाकम्पनी केशासनकीसमाप्तिकेसाथहुआऔरपूरेभारतपरब्रितानीताजकाप्रत्यक्षशासनआरंभहोगयाजोअगले९०वर्षोंतकचला।
पहलीजंगेआजादीकेमहानस्वतंत्रसेनानीअल्लामाफजलेहकखैराबादीनेदिल्लीकीजामामस्जिदसेसबसेपहलेअंग्रेजोंकेखिलाफजेहादकाफतवादियाथा ! इसफतवेकेबादआपनेबहादुरशाहज़फरकेसाथमिलकरअंग्रेजोंकेखिलाफमोर्चाखोलाऔरअज़ीमजंगेआजादीलड़ी !
अँगरेज़इतिहासकारलिखतेहैंकीइसकेबादहजारोंउलेमाएकिरामकोफांसी ,सैकड़ोंकोतोपसेउड़ाकरशहीदकरदियागयाथाऔरबहुतसोंकोकालापानीकीसजादीगयीथी! अल्लामाफजलेहकखैराबादीकोरंगूनमेंकालापानीमेंशहादतहासिलहुई !
यहस्वतंत्रताकाप्रथमयुद्धथाजिसेब्रिटिशसाम्राज्यवादियोंने 1857 कासिपाहीविद्रोहकहा। सिपाहीविद्रोहकेपरिणामस्वरूपअंग्रेजोंद्वाराज्यादातरऊपरीवर्गकेमुस्लिमलक्षितथेक्योंकिवहांऔरदिल्लीकेआसपासइन्हेंकेनेतृत्वमेंयुद्धकियागयाथा।हजारोंकीसंख्यामेंमित्रोंऔरसगेसंबंधियोंकोदिल्लीकेलालकिलेपरगोलीमारदीगईयाफांसीपरलटकादियागयाजिसेवर्तमानमेंखूनीदरवाजा (ब्लडीगेट) कहाजाताहै।प्रसिद्धउर्दूकविमिर्जागालिब (1797-1869) नेअपनेपत्रोंमेंइसप्रकारकेज्वलंतनरसंहारसेसंबंधितकईविवरणदिएहैंजिसेवर्तमानमेंऑक्सफोर्डविश्वविद्यालयप्रेसद्वारा ‘गालिबहिजलाइफएंडलेटर्स’ केनामकेप्रकाशितकियाहैऔरराल्फरसेलऔरखुर्शिदुलइस्लामद्वारासंकलितऔरअनुवादकियागयाहै (1994).
जैसे-जैसेमुगलसाम्राज्यसमाप्तहोनेलगावैसे-वैसेमुसलमानोंकीसत्ताभीसमाप्तहोनेलगी, औरभारतकेमुसलमानोंकोएकनईचुनौतीकासामनाकरनापड़ा – तकनीकीरूपसेशक्तिशालीविदेशियोंकेसाथसंपर्कबनातेहुएअपनीसंस्कृतिकीरक्षाऔरउसकेप्रतिरूचिजगानाथा।इसअवधिमें, फिरंगीमहलकेउलामानेजोबाराबंकीजिलेमेंसबसेपहलेसेहालीमेंआधारितथा, और 1690 केदशकसेलखनऊमेंआधारितथा, मुसलमानोंकोनिर्देशितऔरशिक्षितकिया।फिरंगीमहलनेभारतकेमुसलमानोंकानेतृत्वकियाऔरआगेबढ़ाया।
5  WAHABI MOVEMENT वहाबीआंदोलनवैसेतोधार्मिकआंदोनलथा, लेकिनइसआंदोलननेराजनीतिकस्वरुपग्रहणकरलियाथाऔरवहभारतसेब्रितानीशासनकोउखा़डनेकीदिशामेंअग्रसरहोचलाथा। वहाबीविद्रोह 1828 ई. सेप्रारम्भहोकर 1888 ई. चलतारहाथा।इतनेलम्बेसमयतकचलनेवाले ‘वहाबीविद्रोह’ केप्रवर्तक रायबरेलीके ‘सैय्यदअहमद’ थे।इसआन्दोलनकामुख्यकेन्द्र पटना शहरथा।पटनाकेविलायतअलीऔरइनायतअलीइसआन्दोलनकेप्रमुखनायकथे।यहआन्दोलनमूलरूपसेमुस्लिम सुधारवादीआन्दोलनथा, जोउत्तरपश्चिम, पूर्वीभारत तथामध्यभारतमेंसक्रियथा।
सैय्यदअहमद इस्लामधर्म मेंहुएसभीपरिवर्तनोंतथासुधारोंकेविरुद्धथे।उनकीइच्छा हजरतमोहम्मद केसमयकेइस्लामधर्मकोपुन:स्थापितकरनेकीथी।सैय्यदअहमद पंजाब के सिक्खों और बंगाल में अंग्रेज़ोंकोअपदस्थकरमुस्लिमशक्तिकोपुर्नस्थापितकरनेकेपक्षधरथे।इन्होंनेअपनेअनुयायियोंकोशस्त्रधारणकरनेकेलिएप्रशिक्षितकरस्वयंभीसैनिकवेशभूषाधारणकी।उन्होंने पेशावर पर 1830 ई. मेंकुछसमयकेलिएअधिकारकरलियातथाअपनेनामकेसिक्केभीचलवाए।इससंगठननेसम्पूर्ण भारत में अंग्रेज़ों केविरुद्धभावनाओंकाप्रचार-प्रसारकिया।
1857 मेंइसआन्दोलनकानेतृत्वपीरअलीनेकियाथा, जिन्हेंकमिश्नरटेलबूनेवर्तमानएलिफिन्सटनसिनेमाकेसामनेएकबडेपेड़परलटकवाकरफांसीदिलवादी, ताकिजनतामेंदहशतफैले।इनकेसाथहीग़ुलामअब्बास, जुम्मन, उंधु, हाजीमान, रमजान, पीरबख्श, वहीदअली, ग़ुलामअली, मुहम्मदअख्तर, असगरअली, नन्दलालएवंछोटूयादवकोभीफांसीपरलटकादियागया
1857 ई. के सिपाहीविद्रोह में ‘वहाबी’ लोगोंनेप्रत्यक्षरूपसेविद्रोहमेंनशामिलहोकरअंग्रेज़ोंकेख़िलाफ़लोगोंकोभड़कानेकाप्रयासकिया। 1860 ई. केबादअंग्रेज़ीहुकूमतइसविद्रोहकोकुचलनेमेंसफलरही।इसआन्दोलनकेअन्यमहत्त्वपूर्णनेताओंमेंविलायतअली, इनायतअली, अलीमौलवी, अब्दुल्लाआदिथे। ‘वाहाबीविद्रोह’ केबारेमेंयहकहाजाताहैकि ‘यह 1857 ई. केविद्रोहकीतुलनामेंकहींअधिकनियोजित, संगठितऔरसुव्यवस्थितथा’।


खिलाफतआन्दोलन (1919-1924) भारत मेंमुख्यत: मुसलमानोंद्वाराचलायागयाराजनीतिक-धार्मिकआन्दोलनथा।इसआन्दोलनकाउद्देश्य तुर्की में खलीफाकेपदकीपुन:स्थापनाकरानेकेलियेअंग्रेजोंपरदबावबनानाथा। खिलाफतकेमुद्देनेमौलिकराष्ट्रवादीरुझानकेउदयकीप्रक्रियाको, मुसलमानोंकीयुवापीढ़ीतथाउनमुस्लिमशोधार्थियोंकेमध्यसुलभबनादिया, जिनमेंधीरे-धीरेब्रिटिशविरोधीभावनायेंजागृतहोरहीथीं।प्रथमविश्वयुद्धकेउपरांततुर्कीकेप्रतिअंग्रेजोंकेरवैयेसेभारतीयमुसलमानअत्यन्तउतेजितहोगये।नकेवलभारतीयमुसलमान, अपितुसम्पूर्णमुस्लिमजगततुर्कीकेखलीफाकोअपनाधार्मिकप्रमुखमानताथा, ऐसेमेंस्वाभाविकथाकिमुसलमानोंकीसहानुभूतितुर्कीकेसाथथी।प्रथमविश्वयुद्धमेंतुर्कीनेब्रिटेनकेविरुद्धजर्मनीतथाआस्ट्रियाकासाथदियाथा।अतःयुद्धकीसमाप्तिकेउपरांतब्रिटेननेतुर्कीकेप्रतिकठोररवैयाअपनाया।तुर्कीकोविभाजितकरदियागयातथाखलीफाकोपदसेहटादियागया।ब्रिटेनकेइसकदमसेपूरेविश्वकेमुसलमानोंमेंरोषकीलहरदौड़गयी।भारतमेंभीमुसलमानोंनेब्रिटेनकेइसकदमकीतीव्रआलोचनाकीतथाअंग्रेजोंकेसम्मुखनिम्नमांगेरखीं-
मुसलमानोंकेधार्मिकस्थलोंपरखलीफाकेप्रभुत्वकोपुर्नस्थापितकियाजाये,खलीफाको, प्रदेशोंकीपुर्नव्यवस्थाकरअधिकभू-क्षेत्रप्रदानकियाजाये।
1919 केप्रारम्भमें अलीबंधुओं- मोहम्मदअलीतथाशौकतअली , मौलानाआजाद, अजमलखानतथाहसरतमोहानी केनेतृत्वमें ‘खिलाफतकमेटी’ कागठनकियागया, जिसकाउद्देश्यतुर्कीकेप्रतिब्रिटेनकेरवैयेकोबदलनेकेलियेब्रिटेनपरदबावडालनाथा।इसप्रकारदेशव्यापीप्रदर्शनकेलियेएकव्यापकपृष्ठभूमितैयारहोगयी। असहयोगकार्यक्रम: कुछसमयतकखिलाफतकेनेता, इसआंदोलनकेपक्षमेंसभाओं, धरनोंएवंयाचिकाओंतकहीसीमितरहे।किन्तुबादमेंयहमांगजोरपकड़नेलगीकिअंग्रेजीशासनकेविरोधमेंसशक्तप्रदर्शनकियेजायेंतथाअंग्रेजोंकेसाथहरप्रकारसेअसहयोगकीअवधारणाकापालनकियाजाये।इसप्रकारखिलाफतकारुखधीरे-धीरेपरिवर्तितहोनेलगा।नवम्बर 1919 मेंखिलाफतकाअखिलभारतीयसम्मेलनदिल्लीमेंआयोजितकियागया।इससम्मेलनमेंअंग्रेजीवस्तुओंकेबहिष्कारकीमांगकीगयी।साथहीखिलाफतकेनेताओंनेयहभीस्पष्टशब्दोंमेंकहाकियुद्धोपरांतसंधिकीशर्ते, जबतकतुर्कीकेअनुकूलनहींबनायीजायेंगीतबतकवेसरकारकेसाथकिसीप्रकारकासहयोगनहींकरेंगे।गांधीजीने, जोकिअखिलभारतीयखिलाफतकमेटीकेअध्यक्षथे, इसमुद्देकोभारतीयोंमेंएकतास्थापितकरनेतथासरकारकेविरुद्धअसहयोगआंदोलनघोषितकरनेकेएकउपयुक्तमंचकेरूपमेंदेखा। जून 1920- मेंकेंद्रीयखिलाफतसमितिकाअधिवेशनइलाहाबादमेंहुआ।इसअधिवेशनमेंस्कूलों, कालेजोंतथान्यायालयोंकाबहिष्कारकरनेकानिर्णयलियागयातथागाँधीजिकोआन्दोलनकानेतृत्वकरनेकादायित्वसौंपागया।


आजादीकेआंदोलनमेंविश्वप्रसिद्धइस्लामिकशिक्षणसंस्थादारुलउलूमदेवबंदकायोगदानभीकमनहींरहा।यहांसेशुरूहुआ ‘तहरीक-ए-रेशमीरुमाल’ नेअंग्रेजोंकेदांतखट्टेकिएथे।इसकेतहतरुमालपरगुप्तसंदेशलिखकरइधरसेउधरभेजेजातेथे, जिससेअंग्रेजीफौजकोआंदोलनकेतहतकीजानेवालीगतिविधियोंकीखबरनहींलगसके। तहरीकरेशमीरुमालशुरूकरजंग-ए-आजादीमेंअहमभूमिकानिभानेवालेमौलानामहमूदहसनदेवबंदीशेखुलहिंदकाजन्मसन 1851 मेंदारुलउलूमदेवबंदकेसंस्थापकसदस्यमौलानाजुल्फिकारअलीदेवबंदीकेयहांरायबरेलीमेंहुआथा।शेखुलहिंदनेइब्तिदाईतालीमअपनेचाचामौलानामहताबअलीसेहासिलकी। 6 मईसन् 1866 कोदारुलउलूमदेवबंदकीस्थापनाकेसमयशेखुलहिंददारुलउलूमदेवबंदकेपहलेछात्रबने।उन्‍होंनेशेखुलहिंदनेइल्मेहदीसदारुलउलूमदेवबंदकेसंस्थापकहजरतमौलानाकासिमनानोतवीसेप्राप्तकी। 1874 मेंदारुलउलूमदेवबंदकेउस्तादकेपदपरचयनहुआऔरदारुलउलूमकेसदरुलमदर्रिसीनबनाएगए। दारुलउलूमदेवबंदकेमोहतमितअबुलकासिमनौमानीबतातेहैंकिदेशकीआजादीमेंदारुलदेवबंदकाअहमरोलरहाहै।उन्‍होंनेबतायाकिदेशकोअंग्रेजोंकेचंगुलवदेशवासियोंकोअंग्रेजोंकेजुल्मोंसितमसेबचानेकादर्ददिलमेंलेकर 1901 मेंशेखुलहिंदअपनेसाथियोंकेसाथमिलकरकोशिशकरनेलगे।उन्‍होंनेदेशहीनहीं, बल्किविदेशोंतकअपनानेटवर्कस्थापितकरलिया।
Deoband Ulema’s movement
दारुलउलूमदेवबन्दकीआधारशिला 30 मई 1866 मेंहाजीआबिदहुसैनवमौलानाक़ासिमनानौतवीद्वारारखीगयीथी।वहसमयभारतकेइतिहासमेंराजनैतिकउथल-पुथलवतनावकासमयथा, उससमयअंग्रेज़ोंकेविरूद्धलड़ेगयेप्रथमस्वतंत्रतासंग्राम (1857 ई.) कीअसफलताकेबादलछंटभीनपायेथेऔरअंग्रेजोंकाभारतीयोंकेप्रतिदमनचक्रतेज़करदियागयाथा, चारोंओरहा-हा-कारमचीथी।अंग्रेजोंनेअपनीसंपूर्णशक्तिसेस्वतंत्रताआंदोलन (1857) कोकुचलकररखदियाथा।अधिकांशआंदोलनकारीशहीदकरदियेगयेथे, (देवबन्दजैसीछोटीबस्तीमें 44 लोगोंकोफांसीपरलटकादियागयाथा) औरशेषकोगिरफ्तारकरलियागयाथा, ऐसेसुलगतेमाहौलमेंदेशभक्तऔरस्वतंत्रतासेनानियोंपरनिराशाओंकेप्रहारहोनेलगेथे।चारोओरखलबलीमचीहुईथी।एकप्रश्नचिन्हसामनेथाकिकिसप्रकारभारतकेबिखरेहुएसमुदायोंकोएकजुटकियाजाये, किसप्रकारभारतीयसंस्कृतिऔरशिक्षाजोटूटतीऔरबिखरतीजारहीथी, कीसुरक्षाकीजाये।उससमयकेनेतृत्वमेंयहअहसासजागाकिभारतीयजीर्णवखंडितसमाजउससमयतकविशालएवंज़ालिमब्रिटिशसाम्राज्यकेमुक़ाबलेनहींटिकसकता, जबतकसभीवर्गों, धर्मोंवसमुदायोंकेलोगोंकोदेशप्रेमऔरदेशभक्तकेजलमेंस्नानकराकरएकसूत्रमेंनपिरोदियाजाये।इसकार्यकेलिएनकेवलकुशलवदेशभक्तनेतृत्वकीआवश्यकताथी, बल्किउनलोगोंवसंस्थाओंकीआवश्यकताथीजोधर्मवजातिसेउपरउठकरदेशकेलिएबलिदानकरसकें।
इन्हींउद्देश्योंकीपूर्तिकेलिएजिनमहानस्वतंत्रतासेनानियोंवसंस्थानोंनेधर्मनिरपेक्षतावदेशभक्तिकापाठपढ़ायाउनमेंदारुलउलूमदेवबन्दकेकार्योंवसेवाओंकोभुलायानहींजासकता।स्वर्गीयेमौलानामहमूदहसन (विख्यातअध्यापकवसंरक्षकदारुलउलूमदेवबन्द) उनसैनानियोंमेंसेएकथेजिनकेक़लम, ज्ञान, आचारवव्यवहारसेएकबड़ासमुदायप्रभावितथा, इन्हींविशेषताओंकेकारणइन्हेंशैखुलहिन्द (भारतीयविद्वान) कीउपाधिसेविभूषितकियागयाथा, उन्होंनेनकेवलभारतमेंवरनविदेशों (अफ़ग़ानिस्तान, ईरान, तुर्की, सऊदीअरबवमिश्र) मेंजाकरभारतवब्रिटिशसाम्राज्यकीभत्र्सनाकीऔरभारतीयोंपरहोरहेअत्याचारोंकेविरूद्धजीखोलकरअंग्रेज़ीशासकवर्गकीमुख़ालफतकी।बल्किशेखुलहिन्दनेअफ़ग़ानिस्तानवइरानकीहकूमतोंकोभारतीयस्वतंत्रताआंदोलनकेकार्यक्रमोंमेंसहयोगदेनेकेलिएतैयारकरनेमेंएकविशेषभूमिकानिभाई।उदाहरणतयःयहकिउन्होंनेअफ़ग़ानिस्तानवइरानकोइसबातपरराज़ीकरलियाकियदितुर्कीकीसेनाभारतमेंब्रिटिशसाम्राज्यकेविरूद्धलड़नेपरतैयारहोतोज़मीनकेरास्तेतुर्कीकीसेनाकोआक्रमणकेलिएआनेदेंगे।
शेखुलहिन्दनेअपनेसुप्रिमशिष्योंवप्रभावितव्यक्तियोंकेमध्यमसेअंग्रेज़केविरूद्धप्रचारआरंभकियाऔरहजारोंमुस्लिमआंदोलनकारियोंकोब्रिटिशसाम्राज्यकेविरूद्धचलरहेराष्ट्रीयआंदोलनमेंशामिलकरदिया।इनकेप्रमुखशिष्यमौलानाहुसैनअहमदमदनी, मौलानाउबैदुल्लासिंधीथेजोजीवनपर्यन्तअपनेगुरूकीशिक्षाआंेपरचलतेरहेऔरअपनेदेशप्रेमीभावनाओंवनीतियोंकेकारणहीभारतकेमुसलमानस्वतंत्रतासेनानियोंवआंदोलनकारियोंमेंएकभारीस्तम्भकेरूपमेंजानेजातेहैं।
सन 1914 ई. मेंमौलानाउबैदुल्लासिंधीनेअफ़गानिस्तानजाकरअंग्रेज़ोंकेविरूद्धअभियानचलायाऔरकाबुलमेंरहतेहुएभारतकीस्र्वप्रथमस्वंतत्रसरकारस्थापितकीजिसकाराष्ट्रपतिराजामहेन्द्रप्रतापकोबनागया।यहींपररहकरउन्होंनेइंडियननेशनलकांग्रेसकीएकशाखक़ायमकीजोबादमें (1922 ई. में) मूलकांग्रेससंगठनइंडियननेशनलकांग्रेसमेंविलयकरदीगयी।शेखुलहिन्द 1915 ई. मेंहिजाज़ (सऊदीअरबकापहलानामथा) चलेगये, उन्होनेवहांरहतेहुएअपनेसाथियोंद्वारातुर्कीसेसंपर्कबनाकरसैनिकसहायताकीमांगकी।
सन 1916 ई. मेंइसीसंबंधमेंशेखुलहिन्दइस्तमबूलजानाचहतेथे।मदीनेमेंउससमयतुर्कीकागवर्नरग़ालिबपाशातैनातथाउसनेशेखुलहिन्दकोइस्तमबूलकेबजायेतुर्कीजानेकीलिएकहापरन्तुउसीसमयतुर्कीकेयुद्धमंत्रीअनवरपाशाहिजाज़पहुंचगये।शेखुलहिन्दनेउनसेमुलाक़ातकीऔरअपनेआंदोलनकेबारेमेंबताया।अनवरपाशानेभातियोंकेप्रतिसहानुभूतिप्रकटकीऔरअंग्रेजसाम्राज्यकेविरूद्धयुद्धकरनेकीएकगुप्तयोजनातैयारकी।हिजाज़सेयहगुप्तयोजना, गुप्तरूपसेशेखुलहिन्दनेअपनेशिष्यमौलानाउबैदुल्लासिंधीकोअफगानिस्तानभेजा, मौलानासिंधीनेइसकाउत्तरएकरेशमीरूमालपरलिखकरभेजा, इसीप्रकाररूमालोंपरपत्रव्यवहारचलतारहा।यहगुप्तसिलसिला ”तहरीकएरेशमीरूमाल“ केनामसेइतिहासमेंप्रसिद्धहै।इसकेसम्बंधमेंसररोलेटनेलिखाहैकि “ब्रिटिशसरकारइनगतिविधियोंपरहक्काबक्काथी“।
सन 1916 ई. मेंअंग्रेज़ोंनेकिसीप्रकारशेखुलहिन्दकोमदीनेमेंगिरफ्तारकरलिया।हिजाज़सेउन्हेंमिश्रलायागयाऔरफिररोमसागरकेएकटापूमालटामेंउनकेसाथयोंमौलानाहुसैनअहमदमदनी, मौलानाउज़ैरगुलहकीमनुसरत, मौलानावहीदअहमदसहितजेलमेंडालदियाथा।इनसबकोचारवर्षकीबामुशक्कतसजादीगयी।सन 1920 मेंइनमहानसैनानियोंकीरिहाईहुई।
शेखुलहिन्दकीअंग्रेजोंकेविरूद्धतहरीके-रेशमीरूमाल, मौलानामदनीकीसन 1936 सेसन 1945 तकजेलयात्रा, मौलानाउजै़रगुल, हकीमनुसरत, मौलानावहीदअहमदकामालटाजेलकीपीड़ाझेलना, मौलानासिंधीकीसेवायेंइसतथ्यकास्पष्टप्रमाणहैंकिदारुलउलूमनेस्वतंत्रतासंग्राममेंमुख्यभूमिकानिभाईहै।इससंस्थानेऐसेअनमोलरत्नपैदाकियेजिन्होंनेअपनीमात्रभूमिकोस्वतंत्रकरानेकेलिएअपनेप्राणोंकोदांवपरलगादिया।ए. डब्ल्यूमायरसियरपुलिसअधीक्षक (सीआई़डीराजनैतिक) पंजाबनेअपनीरिपोर्टनं. 122 मेंलिखाथाजोआजभीइंडियाआफिसलंदनमेंसुरक्षितहैकि ”मौलानामहमूदहसन (शेखुलहिन्द) जिन्हेंरेशमीरूमालपरपत्रलिखेगये, सन 1915 ई. कोहिजरतकरकेहिजाज़चलेगयेथे, रेशमीख़तूतकीसाजिशमेंजोमौलवीसम्मिलितहैं, वहलगभगसभीदेवबन्दस्कूलसेसंबंधितहैं।
गुलामरसूलमेहरनेअपनीपुस्तक ”सरगुज़स्तएमुजाहिदीन“ (उर्दू) केपृष्ठनं. 552 परलिखाहैकि ”मेरेअध्ययनऔरविचारकासारांशयहहैकिहज़रतशेखुलहिन्दअपनीजि़न्दगीकेप्रारंभमेंएकरणनीतिकाख़ाकातैयारकरचुकेथेऔरइसेकार्यान्वितकरनेकीकोशिशउन्होंनेउससमयआरंभकरदीथीजबहिन्दुस्तानकेअंदरराजनीतिकगतिविधियांकेवलनाममात्रथी“।
उड़ीसाकेगवर्नरश्रीबिशम्भरनाथपाण्डेनेएकलेखमेंलिखाहैकिदारुलउलूमदेवबन्दभारतकेस्वतंत्रतासंग्राममेंकेंद्रबिन्दुजैसाहीथा, जिसकीशाखायेंदिल्ली, दीनापुर, अमरोत, कराची, खेडाऔरचकवालमेंस्थापितथी।भारतकेबाहरउत्तरपशिमीसीमापरछोटीसीस्वतंत्ररियासत ”यागि़स्तान“ भारतकेस्वतंत्रताआंदोलनकाकेंद्रथा, यहआंदोलनकेवलमुसलमानोंकानथाबल्किपंजाबकेसिक्खोंवबंगालकीइंकलाबीपार्टीकेसदस्योंकोभीइसमेंशामिलकियाथा।
इसीप्रकारअसंख्यकतथ्यऐसेहैंजिनसेयहसिद्धहोताहैकिदारुलउलूमदेवबन्दस्वतंत्रतासंग्रामकेपश्चातभीदेशप्रेमकापाठपढ़तारहाहैजैसेसन 1947 ई. मेंभारतकोआज़ादीतोमिली, परन्तुसाथ-साथनफरतेंआबादियोंकास्थानांतरणवबंटवाराजैसेकटुअनुभवकासमयभीआया, परन्तुदारुलउलूमकीविचारधाराटससेमसनहुई।इसनेडटकरइनसबकाविरोधकियाऔरइंडियननेशनलकांग्रेसकेसंविधानमेंहीअपनाविश्वासव्यक्तकरपाकिस्तानकाविरोधकियातथाअपनेदेशप्रेमवधर्मनिरपेक्षताकाउदाहरणदिया।आजभीदारुलउलूमअपनेदेशप्रेमकीविचारधाराकेलिएसंपूर्णभारतमेंप्रसिद्धहै।


गदरशब्दकाअर्थहै – विद्रोह।इसकामुख्यउद्देश्यभारतमेंक्रान्तिलानाथा।जिसकेलिएअंग्रेज़ीनियंत्रणसेभारतकोस्वतंत्रकरनाआवश्यकथा।गदरपार्टीकाहैडक्वार्टरसैनफ्रांसिस्कोमेंस्थापितकियागया।भोपालकेबरकतुल्लाहग़दरपार्टीकेसंस्थापकोंमेंसेएकथेजिसनेब्रिटिशविरोधीसंगठनोंसेनेटवर्कबनायाथा| ग़दरपार्टीकेसैयदशाहरहमतनेफ्रांसमेंएकभूमिगतक्रांतिकारीरूपमेंकामकियाऔर 1915 मेंअसफलगदर (विद्रोह) मेंउनकीभूमिकाकेलिएउन्हेंफांसीकीसजादीगई| फैजाबाद (उत्तरप्रदेश) केअलीअहमदसिद्दीकीनेजौनपुरकेसैयदमुज़तबाहुसैनकेसाथमलायाऔरबर्मामेंभारतीयविद्रोहकीयोजनाबनाईऔर 1917 मेंउन्हेंफांसीपरलटकादियागयाथा;
लालकुर्तीआन्दोलन भारतमेंपश्चिमोत्तरसीमान्तप्रान्तमें ख़ानअब्दुलग़फ़्फ़ारख़ान द्वाराभारतीयराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसकेसमर्थनमें खुदाईख़िदमतगार केनामसेचलायागयाएक ऐतिहासिक आन्दोलनथा।खुदाईखिदमतगारएक फारसी शब्दहैजिसकाहिन्दीमेंअर्थहोताहैईश्वरकीबनायीहुईदुनियाकेसेवक।
विद्रोहकेआरोपमेंउनकीपहलीगिरफ्तारी 3 वर्षकेलिएहुईथी।उसकेबादउन्हेंयातनाओंकीझेलनेकीआदतसीपड़गई।जेलसेबाहरआकरउन्होंनेपठानोंकोराष्ट्रीयआन्दोलनसेजोड़नेकेलिए ‘ख़ुदाईख़िदमतग़ार’ नामकसंस्थाकीस्थापनाकीऔरअपनेआन्दोलनोंकोऔरभीतेज़करदिया।
1937 मेंनयेभारतसरकारअधिनियमकेअन्तर्गतकरायेगएचुनावोंमेंलालकुर्तीवालोंकेसमर्थनसेकाँग्रेसपार्टीकोबहुमतमिलाऔरउसनेगफ्फारखानकेभाईखानसाहबकेनेतृत्वमेंमन्त्रिमण्डलबनायाजोबीचकाथोड़ाअन्तरालछोड़कर 1947 में भारतविभाजन तककामकरतारहा।इसीवर्षसीमान्तप्रान्तको भारत और पाकिस्तान मेंसेएकमेंविलयकाचुनावकरनापड़ा।उसनेजनमतसंग्रहकेमाध्यमसेपाकिस्तानमेंविलयकाविकल्पचुना। खानअब्दुलगफ्फारखान (सीमांतगांधीकेरूपमेंप्रसिद्ध) एकमहानराष्ट्रवादीथेजिन्होंनेअपने 95 वर्षकेजीवनमेंसे 45 वर्षकेवलजेलमेंबिताया;

सरसैय्यदअहमदखांनेअलीगढ़मुस्लिमआन्दोलनकानेतृत्वकिया।उनकाजन्म 1816 ई. मेंदिल्लीमेंएकउच्चमुस्लिमघरानेमेंहुआथा। 20 वर्षकीआयुमेंहीवेसरकारीसेवामेंआगयेथे। वेअपनेसार्वजनिकजीवनकेप्रारम्भिककालमेंराजभक्तहोनेकेसाथ-साथकट्टरराष्ट्रवादीथे।वेनौकरशाहीकीकठोरआलोचनाकरनेसेनहींडरतेथेऔरभारतीयोंकेप्रतिब्रिटिशअधिकारियोंकेदुर्व्यवहारकीकटुनिन्दाकरतेथे।उन्होंनेहमेशाहिन्दू-मुस्लिमएकताकेविचारोंकासमर्थनकिया। 1884 ई. मेंपंजाबभ्रमणकेअवसरपरहिन्दू-मुस्लिमएकतापरबलदेतेहुएसरसैय्यदअहमदखाँनेकहाथाकि, हमें (हिन्दूऔरमुसलमानोंको) एकमनएकप्राणहोजानाचाहिएऔरमिल – झुलकरकार्यकरनाचाहिए।यदिहमसंयुक्तहै, तोएक-दूसरेकेलिएबहुतअधिकसहायकहोसकतेहैं।यदिनहींतोएककादूसरेकेविरूद्धप्रभावदोनोंकाहीपूर्णतःपतनऔरविनाशकरदेगा।इसीप्रकारकेविचारउन्होंनेकेन्द्रीयव्यवस्थापिकासभामेंभाषणदेतेसमयव्यक्तकिये।एकअन्यअवसरपरउन्होंनेकहाथाकि, हिन्दूएवंमुसल्मानशब्दकोकेवलधार्मिकविभेदकोव्यक्तकरतेहैं, परन्तुदोनोंहीएकहीराष्ट्रहिन्दुस्तानकेनिवासीहैं। सरसैय्यदअहमदख़ाँद्वारासंचालित ‘अलीगढ़आन्दोलन’ मेंउनकेअतिरिक्तइसआन्दोलनकेअन्यप्रमुखनेताथे- नजीरअहमदचिरागअलीअल्ताफहुसैनमौलानाशिबलीनोमानी 11 SWADESHI MOVEMENT स्वदेशीआन्दोलन भारतीयस्वतंत्रताआन्दोलन काएकमहत्वपूर्णआन्दोलन, सफलरणनीतिवदर्शनथा।स्वदेशीकाअर्थहै – ‘अपनेदेशका’।इसरणनीतिकेलक्ष्य ब्रिटेन मेंबनेमालकाबहिष्कारकरनातथा भारतमेंबनेमालकाअधिकाधिकप्रयोगकरकेसाम्राज्यवादीब्रिटेनकोआर्थिकहानिपहुँचानावभारतकेलोगोंकेलिये रोजगार सृजनकरनाथा।यहब्रितानीशासनकोउखाड़फेंकनेऔरभारतकीसमग्रआर्थिकव्यवस्थाकेविकासकेलिएअपनायागयासाधनथा। वर्ष 1905 के बंग-भंग विरोधीजनजागरणसेस्वदेशीआन्दोलनकोबहुतबलमिला।यह 1911 तकचलाऔरगान्धीजीके भारत मेंपदार्पणकेपूर्वसभीसफलअन्दोलनोंमेंसेएकथा। मौलानाअबुलकलामआज़ाद , अरविन्दघोष, रवीन्द्रनाथठाकुर, लोकमान्य बालगंगाधरतिलक और लालालाजपतराय स्वदेशीआन्दोलनकेमुख्यउद्घोषकथे।आगेचलकरयहीस्वदेशीआन्दोलन महात्मागांधी केस्वतन्त्रताआन्दोलनकाभीकेन्द्र-बिन्दुबनगया।उन्होनेइसे “स्वराज कीआत्मा” कहा। इसआंदोलनकाप्रचार सैय्यदहैदररज़ानेदिल्ली मेंकिया। 12 HOME RULE MOVEMENT

प्रथमविश्वयुद्धकीआरम्भहोनेपरभारतीयराष्ट्रीयभारतीयराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसकेनरमपंथियोंनेब्रिटेनकीसहायताकरनेकानिश्चयकिया।भारतीयराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसकेइसनिर्णयकेपीछेसंभवतःयेकारणथाकियदिभारतब्रिटेनकीसहायताकरेगातोयुद्धकेपश्चातब्रिटेनभारतकोस्वतंत्रकरदेगा।परन्तुशीघ्रहीभारतीयराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसकोयेअनुमानहोगयाकिब्रिटेनऐसाकदापिनहींकरेगाऔरइसलिएभारतीयनेताअसंतुष्टहोकरकोईदूसरामार्गखोजनेलगे।यहीअसंतुष्टताहीहोमरूलआन्दोलनकेजन्मकाकारणबनी। 1915 ई. से 1916 ई. केमध्यदोहोमरूललीगोंकीस्थापनाहुई। ‘पुणेहोमरूललीग’ कीस्थापनाबालगंगाधरतिलकनेऔर ‘मद्रासहोमरूललीग’ कीस्थापनाएनीबेसेंटनेकी।होमरूललीगभारतीयराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसकीसहायकसंस्थाकीभांतिकार्यरतहोगयी।इसआन्दोलनकाउद्देश्यस्व-राज्यकीप्राप्तिथापरन्तुइसआन्दोलनमेंशस्त्रोंकेप्रयोगकीअनुमतिनहींथी।इसआंदोलनमेंमुसलमानोकाअहमकिरदाररहाहै ..


1919 से 1922 केमध्यअंग्रेजीहुकूमतकेविरुद्धदोसशक्तजनआंदोलनचलायेगये।येआांदोलनथे- खिलाफतएवंअसहयोगआंदोलनहालांकियेदोनोंआन्दोलनपृथक-पृथकमुद्दोंकोलेकरप्रारम्भहुयेथेकिन्तुदोनोंनेहीसंघर्षकेएकहीतरीकेराजनीतिसेप्रत्यक्षरूपसेसम्बद्धनहींथा।किन्तुइसनेभारतीयस्वतंत्रताआंदोलनकोप्रोत्साहितकरनेमेंप्रमुखभूमिकानिभायी।
पृष्ठभूमिःइनदोनोंआंदोलनोंकीपृष्ठभूमिउनघटनाओंकीश्रृंखलामेंनिहितहै, जोप्रथमविश्वयुद्धकेपश्चात्अंग्रेजीशासनद्वाराभारतीयसंदर्भमेंउठायेगयेकदमोंकेकारणघटितहुईथीं।इनआंदोलनोंकेलिये 1919 कावर्षसबसेमहत्वपूर्णरहा, क्योंकिइसविशेषवर्षमेंसरकारीनीतियोंएवंगतिविधियोंसेभारतीयसमाजकालगभगहरवर्गअसंतुष्टऔररुष्टहोगया।इससार्वजनिकअसंतुष्टिकेलियेकईकारणउत्तरदायीथे, जिनकावर्णननिम्नानुसारहै-
1 प्रथमविश्वयुद्धकेपश्चात्उत्पन्नहुईआर्थिककठिनाइयोंसेजनतात्रस्तहोगयी।विश्वयुद्धकेकारणमंहगाईबहुतबढ़गयी।कस्बोंऔरनगरोंमेंरहनेवालेमध्यमएवंनिम्नमध्यवर्गकेलोगदस्तकार, मजदूरसभीमंहगाईसेपरेशानहोगये।खाद्यानोंकीभारीकमीहोगयी।मुद्रास्फीतिबढ़नेलगी, औद्योगिकउत्पादनकमहोगयातथालोगकरोंकेबोझसेदबगये।समाजकालगभगहरवर्गआर्थिकपरेशानियोंसेजूझनेलगा।इससेलोगोंमेंब्रिटिशविरोधीभावनायेंजागृतहुई।सूखे, महामारीऔरप्लेगसेभीहजारोंलोगमारेगये। 2 रौलेटएक्ट, पंजाबमेंमार्शललॉकाआरोपणतथाजलियांवालाबागहत्याकांडजैसीघटनाओंनेविदेशीशासकोंकेक्रूरएवंअसभ्यरवैयेकोउजागरकरदिया। 3 पंजाबमेंज्यादतियोंकेसंबंधमेंहंटरकमीशनकीसिफारिशोंनेसबकीआंखेंखोलदीं।उधरब्रिटिशसंसदविशेषकर ‘हाउसआफलार्डस’ मेंजनरलडायरकेकृत्योंकोउचितठहरायागयातथा ‘मार्निगपोस्ट’ नेडायरकेलिये 30 हजारपाउंडकीधनराशिएकत्रितकी।येसारीगतिविधियांअंग्रेजीशासनकापर्दाफाशकरनेकेलियेपर्याप्तथीं। 4 1919 केमाटेग्यू-चेम्सफोर्डसुधारोंकावास्तविकमकसदभीद्वैधशासनप्रणालीलागूकरनाथानकिजनताकोराहतपहुंचाना।इनसुधारोंसेस्वशासनकीमांगकररहेराष्ट्रवादियोंकोअत्यन्तनिराशाहुई।
1 लखनऊसमझौता (1916)- इससेकांग्रेसतथामुस्लिमलीगमेंसहयोगबढ़ा। 2 रौलेटएक्टकेविरुद्धप्रदर्शनमेंसमाजकेअन्यवर्गोंकेसाथहीहिन्दूतथामुसलमानभीएक-दूसरेकेकरीबआगये। 3 मौलिकराष्ट्रवादीमुसलमानजैसे-  मौलाना अबुलकलामआजाद,मौलानाउबैदुल्लाहसिन्धी, हकीमअजमलखान, हसरतमोहनीडा।सैयदमहमूद, हुसैनअहमदमदनी, प्रोफेसरमौलवीबरकतुल्लाह, डॉ॰जाकिरहुसैन, सैफुद्दीनकिचलू, वक्कोमअब्दुलखदिर, डॉ॰मंजूरअब्दुलवहाब, बहादुरशाहजफर, हकीमनुसरतहुसैन, खानअब्दुलगफ्फारखान, अब्दुलसमदखानअचकजई, शाहनवाजकर्नलडॉ॰एम॰ए॰अन्सरी, रफीअहमदकिदवई, फखरुद्दीनअलीअहमद, अंसारहर्वानी, तकशेरवानी, नवाबविक़रुलमुल्क, नवाबमोह्सिनुलमुल्क, मुस्त्सफाहुसैन, वीएमउबैदुल्लाह, एसआररहीम, बदरुद्दीनतैयबजी , हसनइमामऔरमौलवीअब्दुलहमीदजैसे राष्ट्रवादियोंनेभीराष्ट्रवादकीवकालतकीतथाराष्ट्रवादीआंदोलनमेंसक्रियभूमिकानिभानेपरबलदिया।वेसाम्राज्यविरोधीभावनाओंसेगहरेप्रभावितथेतथासाम्राज्यवादीदासताकोसमाप्तकरनाचाहतेथे।
इन्हींसबगतिविधियोंकेपरिदृश्यमेंखिलाफतएवंअसहयोगआंदोलनकाजन्महुआजिसकेसाथहीऐतिहासिकअसहयोगआंदोलन, राष्ट्रीयस्वतंत्रताआंदोलनकेपटलपरउभरा।
शाहजहाँपुरउत्तरप्रदेशके अशफाकउल्लाखाँवारसी भारतीयस्वतन्त्रतासंग्रामकेएकप्रमुखक्रान्तिकारीथे।उन्होंनेकाकोरीकाण्डमेंमहत्वपूर्णभूमिकानिभायी।ब्रिटिशशासननेउनकेऊपरअभियोगचलायाऔर 19 दिसम्बरसन् 1927 कोउन्हेंफैजाबादजेलमेंफाँसीपरलटकाकरमारदियागया।भारतीयस्वतन्त्रतासंग्रामकेसम्पूर्णइतिहासमें ‘बिस्मिल’ और ‘अशफाक’ कीभूमिकानिर्विवादरूपसेहिन्दू-मुस्लिमएकताकाअनुपमआख्यानहै।
केरलकेमोपलामुसलमानोंद्वारा 1920 मेंब्रितानियोंकेविरुद्धकियागयाविद्रोहमोपलाविद्रोहकहलाताहै।यहविद्रोहमालाबारकेएरनदऔरवल्लुवानदतालुकामेंखिलाफतआन्दोलनकेविरुद्धअंग्रेजोंद्वाराकीगयीदमनात्मककार्यवाहीकेविरुद्धआरम्भहुआथा।
केरलकेमालाबारक्षेत्रमेंमोपलाओंद्वारा 1920 ई. मेंविद्राहकियागया।प्रारम्भमेंयहविद्रोहअंग्रेज़हुकूमतकेख़िलाफ़ॅथा।महात्मागाँधी, शौकतअली, मौलानाअबुलकलामआज़ादजैसेनेताओंकासहयोगइसआन्दोलनकोप्राप्तथा।इसआन्दोलनकेमुख्यनेताकेरूपमें ‘अलीमुसलियार’ चर्चितथे। 15 फ़रवरी, 1921 ई. कोसरकारनेनिषेधाज्ञालागूकरख़िलाफ़ततथाकांग्रेसकेनेतायाकूबहसन, यू. गोपालमेनन, पी. मोइद्दीनकोयाऔरके. माधवननायरकोगिरफ्तारकरलिया।इसकेबादयहआन्दोलनस्थानीयमोपलानेताओंकेहाथमेंचलागया। 1920 ई. मेंइसआन्दोलननेहिन्दू-मुसलमानोंकेमध्यसाम्प्रदायिकआन्दोलनकारूपलेलिया, परन्तुशीघ्रहीइसआन्दोलनकोकुचलदियागया।
इसआंदोलनकीस्थापनास्वतंत्रतासेनानीरईसउलअहरारमौलानाहबीबउररहमानलुधियानवी, सैय्यदउलअहरार, सैय्यदअताउगाहशाहबुखारी, चौधरीअफजलहकने 29 दिसंबर 1929 ई0 कोलाहौरकेहबीबहालमेंकीथी।अहरारपार्टीकीस्थापनाइसलिएकीगईथीकिहमदेशमेंउससमयमौजूदजालिमअंग्रेजसरकारकोदेशसेउखाड़फैंकेंऔरअहरारपार्टीकेकार्यकत्र्ताओंनेअपनेइसफर्जकोअच्छीतरहनिभाया।एक-दोनहींबल्किहजारोंअहरारीकार्यकत्र्ताओंनेस्वतंत्रतासंग्राममेंजेलेंकाटींहैं। अल्लामाइक़बाल {रह.} नेजंग-ए-आज़ादीकेअज़ीममोजाहिदऔरमजलिस-ए-अहरारइस्लामकेफाउंडरसय्यदअताउल्लाहशाहबुखारी {रह.} केबारेमेफरमायाकरतेथेकी “सय्यदअताउल्लाहशाहबुखारीइस्लामकीचलतीफिरतीतलवारहै”
खाकसारपर्शियनभाषाकेदोशब्दोंसेमिलकरबनाहैजिसमेंखाक – कामतलबहैमिट्टीऔरसारकामतलबहैजीवनऔरइसकासंयुक्तमतलबनिकलताहैविनम्रइंसान।हालांकियेआंदोलनहथियारबद्धथा।येपूराआंदोलनउससमयचलायागयाथाजबब्रिटिशकालमेंभारतीयअर्थव्यवस्थापूरीतरहचरमरागईथी।इसआंदोलनकेजनकथे अल्लामाइनायतुल्लाहखानमशरक़ी जोएकमहानराष्ट्रवादीथे।भारतीयआजादीकेइतिहासपरजबहमगहराईसेनजरडालतेहैंतोपताचलाहैकियेआंदोलनतबखड़ाहुआथाजब 5 मार्च 1931 कोगांधीनेअंग्रेजीहुकूमतकेसाथगोलमेजसम्मेलनमेंहिस्सालियाऔरगांधी-इरविनपैक्टकेतहतउन्होंनेसविनयअवज्ञाआंदोलनवापसलेलियाथा।इसकेबादभारतीयसमाजकालगभगहरवर्गगहननिराशाऔरदबावसेगुजररहाथा।इसीकेचलतेलाहौरकेकुछनवयुवकोंनेअंग्रेजोंकेविरूद्धहथियारउठालिएजिनकीसंख्याशुरूमें 90 थीजोदेखतेहीदेखतेकुछहीदिनोंमें 300 लोगोंकाएकसंगठनबनगयाथा।जिन्हेंअंग्रेजोंनेउग्रवादीकरारदियाथा।बतायायहभीजाताहैकियेसारेवोनौजवानथेजोब्रिटिशप्रशासनमेंहीभारतीयसैनिकथे।
17  PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF FREE INDIA (AZAD HIND) सन 1914 ई. मेंमौलानाउबैदुल्लासिंधीनेअफ़गानिस्तानजाकरअंग्रेज़ोंकेविरूद्धअभियानचलायाऔरकाबुलमेंरहतेहुएभारतकीस्र्वप्रथमस्वंतत्रसरकारस्थापितकीजिसकाराष्ट्रपतिराजामहेन्द्रप्रतापकोबनागया। आज़ादहिन्दफ़ौज सबसेपहलेराजामहेन्द्रप्रतापसिंह ने 29 अक्टूबर 1915 कोअफगानिस्तान मेंबनायीथी।मूलत: यह ‘आजादहिन्दसरकार’ कीसेनाथीजोअंग्रेजोंसेलड़करभारतकोमुक्तकरानेकेलक्ष्यसेहीबनायीगयीथी।किन्तुइसलेखमेंजिसे ‘आजादहिन्दफौज’ कहागयाहैउससेइससेनाकाकोईसम्बन्धनहींहै।हाँ, नामऔरउद्देश्यदोनोंकेहीसमानथे।रासबिहारीबोसनेजापानियोंकेप्रभावऔरसहायतासेदक्षिण-पूर्वीएशियासेजापानद्वाराएकत्रितक़रीब 40,000 भारतीयस्त्री-पुरुषोंकीप्रशिक्षितसेनाकागठनशुरूकियाथाऔरउसेभीयहीनामदियाअर्थात्आज़ादहिन्दफ़ौज।बादमेंउन्होंनेनेताजीसुभाषचंद्रबोस कोआज़ादहिन्दफौज़कासर्वोच्चकमाण्डरनियुक्तकरकेउनकेहाथोंमेंइसकीकमानसौंपदी। इसफ़ौजमेंमुसलमानोकीबड़ीतादादथी , जिसमेकुछनाम आबिदहसन , अमीरहमज़ा ,शाहनवाज़खान , अब्बासअली , निज़ामुद्दीनखानईहैं .

18 MUSLIM NATIONALIST PARTY ऑलइंडियामुस्लिमनेशनलिस्टपार्टीएकराष्ट्रवादीपार्टीथीजिसेमौलानाआज़ाद , डॉक्टरमुख़्तारअंसारी , महोम्मेदालीकरीमचागला , अवसाफअलीऔरशेरवानीवगैरहनेमिलकरबनायाथा ! इसपार्टीनेमुस्लिमलीगकाखुलकेरमुखालफतपरइसेस्वंत्रतासंग्रामकेदौरानअनदेखाकियागयाऔरहाशिएमेंधकेलदियागया। Peasant Movement Civil Disobedience Movement Simon Commission

साइमनआयोग सातब्रिटिशसांसदोकासमूहथा, जिसकागठन 1927 मेभारतमेसंविधानसुधारोंकेअध्ययनकेलियेकियागयाथा।इसेसाइमनआयोग (कमीशन) इसकेअध्यक्ष सरजोनसाइमन केनामपरकहाजाताहै। साइमनकमीशनकीरिपोर्टमेंसुझावदियागयाकि- (1) प्रांतीयक्षेत्रमेंविधितथाव्यवस्थासहितसभीक्षेत्रोंमेंउत्तरदायीसरकारगठितकीजाए। (2) केन्द्रमेंउत्तरदायीसरकारकेगठनकाअभीसमयनहींआया। (3) केंद्रीयविधानमण्डलकोपुनर्गठितकियाजायजिसमेंएकइकाईकीभावनाकोछोड़करसंघीयभावनाकापालनकियाजाय।साथहीइसकेसदस्यपरोक्षपद्धतिसेप्रांतीयविधानमण्डलोंद्वाराचुनेजाएं।
कमीशनकेसभीसदस्यअंग्रेज (केवल अम्बेडकर कोछोड़कर) थेजोभारतीयोंकाबहुतबड़ाअपमानथा।चौरीचौरा कीघटनाकेबाद असहयोगआन्दोलन वापसलिएजानेकेबादआजा़दीकीलड़ाईमेंजोठहरावआगयाथावहअबसाइमनकमीशनकेगठनकीघोषणासेटूटगया। 1927 मेंमद्रासमेंकांग्रेसकाअधिवेशनहुआजिसमेंसर्वसम्मतिसेसाइमनकमीशनकेबहिष्कारकाफैसलालियागया।मुस्लिमलीगनेभीसाइमनकेबहिष्कारकाफैसलाकिया।
तीनफरवरी 1928 कोकमीशनभारतपहुंचा।साइमनकोलकातालाहौर लखनऊ, विजयवाड़ा और पुणे सहितजहाँजहाँभीपहुंचाउसेजबर्दस्तविरोधकासामनाकरनापड़ाऔरलोगोंनेउसेकालेझंडेदिखाए।पूरेदेशमेंसाइमनगोबैक (साइमनवापसजाओ) केनारेगूंजनेलगे!
1930 केदशकतक, मुहम्मदअलीजिन्नाभारतीयराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसकेसदस्यथेऔरस्वतंत्रतासंग्रामकाहिस्साथे।कविऔरदार्शनिक, डॉ॰सरअल्लामामुहम्मदइकबालहिंदू – मुस्लिमएकताऔर 1920 केदशकतकअविभाजितभारतकेएकमजबूतप्रस्तावकथे.अपनेप्रारम्भिकराजनीतिककैरियरकेदौरानहुसेनशहीदसुहरावर्दीभीबंगालमेंराष्ट्रीयकांग्रेसमेंसक्रियथे।मौलानामोहम्मदअलीजौहरऔरमौलानाशौकतअलीनेसमग्रभारतीयसंदर्भमेंमुसलमानोंकेलिएमुक्तिकेलिएसंघर्ष, औरमहात्मागांधीऔरफिरंगीमहलमौलानाअब्दुलकेसाथस्वतंत्रताकेलिएसंघर्षकिया। 1930 केदशकतकभारतकेमुसलमानोंनेमोटेतौरपरएकअविभाजितभारतकेसमग्रसंदर्भमेंअपनेदेशवासियोंकेसाथराजनीतिकी.
DANDI MARCH QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT भारतछोड़ोआन्दोलन विश्वविख्यात काकोरीकाण्ड केठीकसत्रहसालबाद भारतीयस्वतंत्रतासंग्राम केदौरान९अगस्तसन१९४२को गांधीजी केआह्वानपरसमूचेदेशमेंएकसाथआरम्भहुआ।यहभारतकोतुरन्तआजादकरनेकेलियेअंग्रेजीशासनकेविरुद्धएकसविनयअवज्ञाआन्दोलन था। क्रिप्समिशन कीविफ़लताकेबादमहात्मागाँधीनेब्रिटिशशासनकेखिलाफ़अपनातीसराबड़ाआंदोलनछेड़नेकाफ़ैसलालिया। 8 अगस्त 1942 कीशामकोबम्बईमेंअखिलभारतीयकाँगेसकमेटीकेबम्बईसत्रमें ‘अंग्रेजोंभारतछोड़ो’ कानामदियागयाथा।हालांकिगाँधीजीकोफ़ौरनगिरफ़्तारकरलियागयाथालेकिनदेशभरकेयुवाकार्यकर्ताहड़तालोंऔरतोड़फ़ोड़कीकार्रवाइयोंकेजरिएआंदोलनचलातेरहे।कांग्रेसमें जयप्रकाशनारायण जैसेसमाजवादीसदस्यभूमिगतप्रतिरोधिगतिविधियोंमेंसबसेज्यादासक्रियथे।पश्चिममें सताराऔरपूर्वमें मेदिनीपुर जैसेकईजिलोंमेंस्वतंत्रसरकार, प्रतिसरकारकीस्थापनाकरदीगईथी।अंग्रेजोंनेआंदोलनकेप्रतिकाफ़ीसख्तरवैयाअपनायाफ़िरभीइसविद्रोहकोदबानेमेंसरकारकोसालभरसेज्यादासमयलगगया।केरलकेअब्दुलवक्कोमखदिरने 1942 के ‘भारतछोड़ो’ मेंभागलियाऔर 1942 मेंउन्हेंफांसीकीसजादीगईथी, उमरसुभानीजोकीबंबईकीएकउद्योगपतिकरोड़पतिथे, उन्होंनेगांधीऔरकांग्रेसव्ययप्रदानकियाथाऔरअंततःस्वतंत्रताआंदोलनमेंअपनेकोकुर्बानकरदिया।
मुसलमानमहिलाओंमेंहजरतमहल, अस्घरीबेगम, बाईअम्मानेब्रिटिशकेखिलाफस्वतंत्रताकेसंघर्षमेंयोगदानदियाहै.
अफ़सोसआजहमेंउनलोगोंकीकुर्बानीबिलकुलभीयादनहींरही, यादरहातोसिर्फएकहीनामजोमुस्लिमकटआउटकीतरहजहाँदेखोवहींदिखाईदेताहै ? जिसेदेखकरहमनेभीयहीसमझलियाकिमुसलमानोमेंसिर्फ मौलानाअबुलकलामआज़ाद  हीएकथेजिनकाएकमात्रनामभारतीयस्वतंत्रताआंदोलनसेजुड़ाहुआहै , मौलानाआजाद  भारतीय स्वतंत्रताआंदोलनकेएकप्रमुखनेताऔरहिन्दूमुस्लिमएकताकीवकालतकरनेवालेथे….!